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Blue Aardvark



Designed to Deliver

Film London

London outta be in pictures

London has the emerging talent, the locations and the resources for movie making.

And they want to be sure that Greater Toronto Area film studios know it.

London made them an offer that they can’t refuse.

A poster that invokes the appearance of the original GodFather poster. All black with the text: Save Money on Shoots. Film in London, ON an offer you can't refuse. Worth a second look. With the Film London logo and the tag line, One Stop. For Reel.

Starlim North America

The Work YOU Do Matters

Starlim employee work in the wild and why it matters.

Large format acrylic posters commissioned for valued employees.

There are no small parts


Text and graphics


In the beginning there was text and only text.

Creating compelling publications that people understand and want to read.

Simplifying the complex



Signs of Growth

Helping people find the perfect plant for their garden.

A system of signage designed to grow with Heeman’s.

Guiding Gardeners


Carolinian Canada

Expo Branding

Conservation and eco-fun for the masses.

Imagery for a diverse audience: conservationists, gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts and families.

Taming the Wild


Triple H Concrete Products

Interlocking ideas

A family business that competes with the biggest of ’em.

Making it easier for dealers and consumers alike, to find Triple H Concrete Products in their neighbourhood.

Bringing it all together


Clarity Pilot


Expertly navigating communication strategies

Breaking through to clients with a logo that begins the conversation before you arrive.

Making the right first impression