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What is my experience?

I grew up in a print shop. My father has been in the printing business for 60 years. At his side, I learned the keys to being efficient, cost-effective and doing it right the first time. I transitioned to graphic design studios and agencies working on projects for brands like Proctor and Gamble, Stihl, and RM Auctions. As Blue Aardvark I have executed design and communication projects for non-profits, for-profits, large and small businesses. Here are a few of the clients I have had the pleasure to work with:


The Arthritis Society       

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


City of London

Robarts Research

Triple H Concrete Products

Western University

What is my approach to working with a client?

Design is providing solutions, so the key is understanding what the client is trying to solve. I start with a creative brief, which lays out a road map for the design process. Out of that plan comes a proposal with measurable deliverables and timelines.

What do I excel at?

I make the process easier for my clients. My end game? Solving a problem for a client with a great product, service or cause. Uncovering that problem means more than: “I need a brochure”. Design doesn’t work in isolation. What are the current messages? What materials exist already?

Messages aren’t lost amidst the transfer down the line between sales staff, account managers and designers. At Blue Aardvark, clients talk to me  throughout the entire process. Being small enables me to be flexible, responsive and efficient.

How do I view my role?

I work best with people who see me as part of their team and want me to participate fully from exploring possibilities to executing plans. I enjoy the process of being creative and solving problems with other people – exploring the what ifs to help find solutions.

Why does graphic design matter?

You walk past hundreds of people and there is one thing that compels you to stop and talk to one person for a particular reason. That may be the dog they’re walking, the smile on their face, the colour of their T-shirt. Whatever it is, there is something in common, something that compels you to connect. That’s what graphic design is. It connects you to your peeps,  your audience. Good graphic design gets you noticed, makes a positive impression, stands you apart and tells your story. It is like a road map that creates emotional connections and communicates.