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Find Perennials, Shade Dwellers, Low Maintenance Plants or a cart to help you collect plants as you wend your way through Heeman’s plant and flower oasis. Blue Aardvark developed a flexible system of signage that helps gardener’s find what they like to grow and that can grow with Heeman’s.


Multiple signs
one and two sided
18″ x 48″

Adaptable Design – Various signs are needed as new plants are grown and environmental circumstances dictate. When downy mildew struck the impatien crop all over southwestern Ontario, Heeman’s was ready with alternative plants and Blue Aardvark was ready with informational signs …

Right here!

Multiple signs
one sided
12″ x 24″

Cart Sign
48″ x 18″

Multiple signs
Single sided
22″ x 28″


Heeman’s new point of sale system introduced the ability to handle their gift certificates electronically. Little signs that fit in your pocket and can be used over and over.

Gift Cards